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    Hi guys,



    I'm going nuts.


    I'm trying to setup whs on my raid0 array.


    I tried to press f8 when the white bar is at the bottom when starting the install and then selecting keep going without signed drivers but i got the could not initialize ui subsystem.


    after that, tried doing nothing during initial setup and i still get the could not initialize ui subsystem...



    tried pressing f6 but that doens't seems to work.



    anybody has an advice for me???



    mobo: gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3 and its a raid 0 setup for the hdd...



    thanks in advance for your help.

    Saturday, June 7, 2008 2:51 PM

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  • Installing WHS on a RAID array is not a supported option.


    That being said I believe others have done it - do a search on these forums to read through the many posts thatt others have made on this.




    Saturday, June 7, 2008 4:26 PM

    indeed it isn't supported and i did look around this forum and other one to find answers to my question...even googled it but i can't find any solution to my specific problem...


    when raid is unabled in my bios motherboard whs refuses to install...even if there is only one hdd and no raid configured...



    strange behaviour.




    Saturday, June 7, 2008 4:50 PM
  • Did you really mean RAID 0? If so, that's the worst possible scenario for a server. It's not going to give you any advantages in terms of speed as all the other factors involved tend to also contribute to the overall performance.




    Saturday, June 7, 2008 5:05 PM
  • i was kind of hopping it would boost my network transfer speeds...


    for the moment on a gigabyte connection i average sometimes at 6, 7mb/s...


    its as slow as transfering files to my laptop...


    should i change my switch???(its a 3com 5port gigabyte)


    i tried with 2 different routers and it didnt change anything...

    my cables are all cat5e...



    i was hopping that a raid 0 with an external backup of my imprtant files would make transfer speed faster and still be safe in case the server hdd's crashed...



    anybody has a better idea???or a solution for my raid problem???(i believe only what i see...so i still have hope in faster transfer speed with raid0)



    Saturday, June 7, 2008 5:37 PM

    Power Pack 1 includes some quite significant performance enhancements. So before you go and buy any additional kit you might want to try that first :-)


    The public beta is almost here :-)



    Saturday, June 7, 2008 5:48 PM
  • i feel like i always have to cross my fingers...


    but in deed it could improve performances...


    lets see what it brings.

    Saturday, June 7, 2008 6:26 PM