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  • Hi--

    I am unable to complete DynCRM reporting services extension on my box running SQL Server Reporting Services [SSRS]. My environment is as follows:


    1. 2X Node SQL Cluster (SQLSRV1 & SQLSRV2 host OS:WK28 SQL:SQL Server 2K8 SP1) - Cluster name: "coresql"

    2. DynSRV - Server 2008 ENT SP1 - Dynamic CRM Server 2011 Full installed and functional.

    3. AppSRV - SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services [RS] installed -> Reporting services database stored in cluster 'ReportingServicesDB'.

    4. Verified reporting service is running (both http://appsrv/reportserver & http://appsrv/reports).


    SQL Reporting Services is not cluster capable, this is why it has been spanned off to my App server. So Dynamic CRM works without any noticeable flaws until I try to run a report. What I have done so far to rectify this:


    1. Added AppSRV to PrivReportingGroup.

    2. Added installing user to local admin group on AppSRV.

    3. On AppSRV - Run SetupSrsDataConnector.exe as Administrator | Grabbed updates | Accept agreement | SQL Server: coresql . 


    ...And this is where I am jammed, apparently SSRS is suppose to automatically populated, however it doesn't and I have a blank drop down list. I've also tried specifying the <sqlservername>\<instancename> (coresql\mscrm_config), for the SQL Server list but still no dice. 


    Can someone please help me out with this, any help would be much appreciated. 

    Thanks in advance.

    Kenio Shirley
    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:59 PM