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  • My old Win7 laptop has OneNote 2013 which I've been using for a couple of years. My new Win10 laptop has OneNote 365 (also OneNote 2013).  I'm trying to open an important Notebook on my new computer from my OneDrive.  Here are the symptoms of my problems:

    It shows up in the list of notebooks on the new computer, but when I choose it, it says "We're sorry.  Something went wrong".

    I see the shortcut on OneDrive.  When I launch it, it returns the same error after launching "OneNote Online".

    It works fine on the old computer.  I'm looking at it now.  But OneNote doesn't have a save feature.  When I choose file, I see the notebook and can choose the dropdown "Settings".  There is an option to Share or Move.  I choose Move.  But it tells me it's shared and I must learn how to move a shared notebook.  I click the 'learn' link and it takes me to an unrelated issue.

    If I choose Sync, it returns a sync error.

    How dumb to take away our file management features.  No Save As.  Yet Microsoft sells the idea that OneNote is for keeping notes forever.  Heck.  I can't even keep a notebook for one generation of Office.

    What now?


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    Tuesday, September 8, 2015 10:40 PM


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