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  • I've managed to get into a right old mess with my MS Money file after having problems with my .NET Log-in.  My only hope looks like a My Money Backup.mbf file I retrieved from a backup which is around 17.5G.  All the other MS Money files are around 3.5G and contain no data.  When I try to restore this 17.5G file all I get is the error message "MS Money Backup.mbf is corrupted or is not a Money Backup file".  Probably unwisely I have even uninstalled MS Money and re-installed from disc.  This gives MS Money version  as  Still I get the same error message.  I tried updating to, but this made no difference.  Running XP SP3.  HELP!
    Thursday, March 8, 2012 11:59 PM

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  • Do not attempt to change your .NET Log-in. Copy what you have to other media. Search your drives for *.mbf, *.mny, *.m14 and *.m12 files.

    Install the correct version using the link in the first posting in this forum. Try the restore again. I presume you are in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand. Version will do you  no good.

    17.5GB is an incredibly large Money backup file. Did you mean MB? Try copying your *.mbf to your hard drive and restore that copy.

    Friday, March 9, 2012 12:42 AM
  • Hi Cal,

    Sorry it was 17.5Mb not Gb!  Used the link in the first posting and am now running  Still no joy with the same error message as before.  During my struggles I have switch from intranet .NET passport to a password, although the password is the same for both types of log-in.  Could this be part of the problem?   I started off nearly a month ago with my .NET passport failing to recognize me, even though I knew the details to be correct. 

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    Sunday, March 11, 2012 11:10 PM
  • You are not getting to the point of Money asking for a password, so the usual things don't apply. You only get "MS Money Backup.mbf is corrupted or is not a Money Backup file".  You were never running Money in North America or with a US version.

    You had no luck from your the search your drives for more *.mbf, *.mny files or for any  *.m14 and *.m12 files.

    If these are all true, I don't have any further useful ideas.

    Monday, March 12, 2012 6:35 PM
  • Hi Cal,

    I can see a number of incremental *.m14 and *m12 files but they are only 3.5Mb to 4.5Mb and seem to contain no data.  I was pinning my hopes on the 17.5Mb *.mbf file, but I try to restore from this I get the "MS Money Backup.mbf is corrupted or is not a Money Backup file".  I'm in the UK and believe I'm running the UK version, but am not sure how to check this.  I'm not keen on the idea of looking 6-7 years of Financial data, especially when there's that 17.5Mb *.mbf file there.  Any ideas?

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 8:06 PM