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  • Hi Expert,

    We had deployed a CRM 4.0 but most of the application that have the INVERTED PYRAMID (e.g. MORE ACTION) does not work. When we click on MORE ACTION let say on SALES -> Marketing List, the item list shows like ACTIVATE, DEACTIVATE and others but we cannot click unto it. Once we move the mouse to click ACTIVATE or any from the item list, it will immediately disappears.

    What would be the possible cause of this problem? Is it virus or script problem or customization error?

    Note that i had tried on a CRM Demo hosted on a VPC but it doesn't have this problem. E.g., the MORE ACTION on all of the application works properly, we can click on ACTIVATE or DEACTIVATE or ADD to CAMPAIGN etc. 

    Your input will be greatly appreciated.


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    Friday, October 23, 2009 1:21 AM


  • Hi,

    It could be a customization issue or it could be a problem with your browser settings. I would recommend the following.

    • Check to see if your browser registering any JavaScript errors? If it is then it could be the customizations causing the error.
    • Is MS CRM a trusted site? If it is not then I recommend you add it as a trusted site.
    • Do you have any security software running on your machine? Anti-virus? Check to see if the issue is resolved by switching it off.
    • Do you get the problem on other machines or is it only on one machine? If it is isolated to a single machine it could be the settings on that particular machine. 


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    Friday, October 23, 2009 8:29 AM