SRT (Intel SSD HD Acceleration) broke my client access- why? RRS feed

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  • I added an SSD as a caching accelerator using Intel SRT on a Z68 motherboard.  My WHS boot time went from over a minute to a small fraction of that (for the HD drive light to enter "heartbeat mode".)


    When I opened the dashboard on the server (not on a client) and clicked on the shares/drives tab, it would hang.  Server folders were acessible locally.

    On the client machines
      - I could no longer access shares or remote-console in via \\server 
      - Could not open the dashboard (said the server was offline, even though the launchpad knew it was up)

    However, I could remote-console in via the local IP address.  I then disabled SRT, rebooted the server, and all the problems went away.

    Why did the network \\server name become inaccessible on clients when I enabled SRT on the server?  (SRT makes the accelerated hardware drive name appear different than the unaccelerated volume.  I suppose it resembles changing out the actual hard drive (physical name, not the volume name.)  Given that cloning the system drive can be done,  why would this break some but not all of the networking?

    Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:36 AM