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  • Greetings.

    I was told to post my question here as you would be able to tell me.

    I have a Windows 2016 Server that I run various web services on as well as MSSQL. The mobile application we use allows a user to enter in a 4 digit code. This code is then compared against 5 or 6 other codes and sends back a URL. Fairly simple and very small.

    I have 48 GB or RAM on that machine. I have assigned 40GB just for MSSQL. That leaves 8GB or RAM for us (including IIS) to play with which is a HUGE amount. People being logged in, applications being run (MANY MANY of these lately as we do more and more things via remote desktop) all at once, etc. We are over 95% RAM being used. Which still leaves a lot of RAM to be used still (Over 2.3GB in fact, which is still a large amount... OSes run on that, after all.) For some reason, the web service DEMANDS that it have OVER 5% of the RAM be available on the machine otherwise it just says No and does not return anything, which causes our App to crash.

    So, this tiny little itty bitty web service is demanding 2.4GB. This also mean that if this same machine had lets say a HUGE amount of RAM, as a for instance 1TB of RAM (Which is 1024GB), this little service would demand that it have 52 GB FREE of RAM before it would run... Crazy. (I think I did the math right there...)

    In closing the solution now is just reduce the amount of RAM taken by the MSSQL server by another 2 GB for it to use 38GB instead, leaving 10GB for us (and IIS) to use.

    I would like to know if I can get the web service to accept an AMOUNT, instead of a PERCENTAGE of RAM. Can anyone suggest a way to do this?



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