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  • My Acer H340 suddenly stopped booting and it will not do Server Recovery (I have done Server Recovery before and understand procedure). The Power light stays on continually, but the HDD light stays on for a minute and then turns off. No other lights turn on. Holding in the reset button while turning the server back on (and waiting for red light to flash, etc.) does not affect this situation.  I am using Folder Duplication, so what would happen if I remove the HDD with Acer files and replace with a new HDD? Will I lose everything on the other 3 data HDD's? Thanks.
    Monday, October 5, 2009 8:51 PM

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  • If the problem is a dead system drive, then you would replace your system drive and perform a server recovery (again). As for data loss, your risks are:
    • If you have duplication turned on for all shares, you should lose no files from your shares.
    • If you do not have duplication turned on for all shares, there is a chance that you will lose files from unduplicated shares, as Windows Home Server may at times store data on the system drive (D:\DE\Shares\etc. is where they would be).
    • There is a chance that you will lose your backup database, if components are stored on your system drive.
    • You will have to recreate your users, who will be reattached to their private shares automatically.
    • You will have to reinstall any add-ins, and may have to reconfigure some or all of them.
    • You will have to re-adjust anything you did outside of the server console, such as installing additional software, tweaking operational settings, etc.
    Before you proceed down that path, you should contact Acer for technical support.

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    Monday, October 5, 2009 10:05 PM