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  • In recent days, I've noticed several forum posts marked as abusive simply because the question (perfectly legitimate) was posted in the wrong forum. This concerns me, as it flies in the face of the traditional meaning of abusive, and IMHO, contradicts the persona of these forums.

    The forums are here to allow us to help each other, correct? Given the hundreds of forums available in multiple categories (MSDN, Technet, ASP.NET, IIS, MIcrosoft Answers, etc.) it's hardly surprising when posters choose the wrong forum. For an inexperienced forums user to have a question marked as abusive simply because they chose (for example) a Visual Basic developer forum when the .NET Framework setup forum would have been correct or vice versa, is hardly a friendly welcome.

    Please consider removing off topic as a valid reason for marking a post as abusive, and allow moderators and other responders to help posters find the correct forums for their posts in a positive, friendly, way.

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  • Yes, "Reported as abusive" does seem a bit much for off topic posts.

    However just changing the wording in the menu to "Report As..." or "Report Post..." and the message to "Reported As Spam", "Reported As Profanity", "Reported As Off Topic", etc. would somewhat fix this. It should be simple enough to implement and wouldn't be as harsh to off topic posters.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 12:21 PM
  • There is now the possibility of saying - when you click on the abusive button - that you are clicking it because the post is off-topic.

    That's surely enough because otherwise we need even more clickable options for each post than there are already.

    We could of course rename the current button to "something wrong with this post" if all you are objecting too is the word "Abusive".

     P.S. Marking off-topic posts as abusive means that by clicking "Abusive posts" in a forum a Moderator can immediately and directly work on either moving or deleting these off-topic posts. Abusive for off-topic posts is therefore useful but I agree the name could be made less aggressive.

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  • I see your point. I had not thought of the categorization as a tool for moderators.

    Thank you very much for your insight on this :-)

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 6:59 PM