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  • I am in the process of proposing Microsoft CRM to my organization, but I have a need to be able to send electroinic documents to my existing customer/contacts and I want to be able to capture 360 degree view of leads and leads life cycle. I have heared that microsoft is going to discontinu partner portal. What impacts does it have on CRM users?

    What do you advice for me to do? I have following as basic requirements:

    Access Requirements:

    1. System shall be accessible over the internet 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
    2. System shall provide user name/password authentication.
    3. Users in other countries shall be able accessed the system.
    4. System data shall be accessed via https.

    User Interface Requirements:

    1. System shall provide easy to use interface for non-technical functional users.
    2. System shall be able to provide different user profiles (User in USA shall see their own leads; users for international development teams shall see their own leads).

    Vendor Qualification Requirements:

    1. System provider’s hosting site shall have SAS 70 or equal certification and shall stay compliant while providing services to LCE.
    2. System Vendor shall agree to provide 32 hours of initial training to our trainer or users.
      1. Before UAT training (16 Hours 2 days)
      2. After UAT training (16 hours 2 days)
    3. Vendor shall provide after sale support 16 plus hours useable with first 16 days of rollout
    4. Vendor shall provide two existing customers’ reference.

    Other Non-Functional:

    1. System performance shall meet customer satisfaction criteria of functional users (Page load time should be higher than 80% of initial load time tested during demo and testing).
    2. System shall be accessed at (www.sitename.com) (specific site address will be provided latter)

    Functional Requirements:

    • Lead Capture, Rank, and Qualify:
      1. System shall provide capability to receive leads in real time from LCE’s website, marketing. directories, international directories, and email boxes (two sites and 20 directories).
      2. System shall provide capability to qualify lead (Lead meets minimum information criteria).

    Qualification USA:

    1. Lead has 50000 liquid assets
    2. Lead has 150000 in net worth
    3. Lead inquiry is about available geographic site
    4. Lead has operating partner to run operations

    Qualification Canada:

    1. Lead has 75,000 liquid assets
    2. Lead has 200,000 in net worth

    Qualification International:

    1. Lead has 150,000 liquid assets
    2. Lead has 300,000 in net worth
    3. Lead inquiry is about available Country

    1. System shall provide capability to rank lead (80, 90, 100, and 70).
      • 80: Lead is fully qualified, lead is inquiring about not available site, or lead doesn’t have operating partner.
      • 90: Lead is fully qualified and lead first automated email status is read.

    Note: if hot lead performs very hot lead actions, status shall change to very hot automatically. For example, hot lead visits LCEs site within 14days after submitting first inquiry.

    • 100: Lead is fully qualified or exceeds qualifications and lead revisits Little Caesars site, or reply to first email.
    • 70: Lead is not qualified, and lead doesn’t respond to LCEs emails or lead doesn’t open LCE emails with in first 14 days.

    Note: Based on action within first 14 days lead rank changes:

    1. If lead response to email add 10
    2. If lead doesn’t response to email within first 14 days minus 10
    3. If lead opens email add 5
    4. If lead doesn’t open email with in first 14 days minus 10
    5. Our users should be able to add or minus lead rank manually

    Lead Capture Use Case:

    Goal: Prospect information capturing, tracking, and qualification

    Scope: Prospective applicant information capture and qualification process

    Actor: Prospect (Applicant who is looking for franchise opportunity with LCE)

    Success Criteria: The Business Development user is able to see lead information with qualification to take next action

    Trigger: Application/Lead inquiry

    Main Success Scenario:

    Prospective applicant inquires about franchise opportunity through one of lead sources, and prospect’s information flows in ATS (CRM) system and automatically gets flagged as 70 or 80, 90, or 100 lead based on the qualification logic.

    • Lead Tracking and Search:
      1. System shall provide good search capabilities by using lead attributes.
      2. System shall provide lead source category and subcategory search.
      3. System shall provide capability to assign and create follow-up tasks on leads.
      4. System shall provide capability to track lead life cycle.

    Task Assignment Use Case:

    Goal: Assign task on a lead for further action (reminder)

    Scope: Franchise Development department assign reminders or further actions on a lead

    Actor: System User

    Success Criteria: The Franchise Development user is able to assign follow-up action on a lead

    Trigger: Franchise Development user assign next action on the lead

    Main Success Scenario:

    If lead requires further information, reminder, or action, Franchise Development department user assigns himself or other user in department task to perform next action on lead.

    • SDP Process Integration:
      1. System shall provide tasks workflow for creating store development request
      2. System shall provide interface or process track SDP process workflow (We have internal 18 step process that we like to follow for leads that become franchisee).


    • We will need these 18 tasks data back in our system via web call or CSV.
    • Please review excel file for tasks and triggers

    Use Case:

    Goal: Tracking internal SDP process for new franchisees and receiving electronic feed for SDP steps for our internal system updates

    Scope: Cross function departmental users will update/track their part of SDP tasks flow (We would like to define a work flow that shall trigger creation of next task with the completion of previous task).

    Actors: Cross functional users

    Success Criteria: When lead becomes prospective customer, system provides process/interface for cross functional users to update status of their task. If task is not completed in defined time period, system shall send reminders alerts to the task owner and his/her manager.

    Trigger: The business development user flags lead as an applicant.

    Note:  Separate document will be provided for data point that we need to receive once SDP process starts.

    Main Success Scenario:

    The Franchise Development department initiates SDP process, and cross functional users update their tasks in SDP process in new prospective system and IT receive updated information from prospective system into LCEs internal database.

    Task Flow:

    Please see SDP process flow.

    • Electronic Document Receipts:
      1. System shall provide capability to receive documents from prospective customers
      2. System shall provide franchise application forms  and other forms for leads in printable format(International, Canada, and USA)
      3. System shall provide capability to log receipt of documents including FDDs
    • Electronic Document Delivery:
      1. System shall provide capability to send FDDs out to existing and prospective customers with receipt confirmation.
      2. System shall provide capability to send electronic documents to prospects
    • Existing System Data Load:
      1. System provider shall be able to load our existing systems data twice.
        1. Before Beta
        2. After Beta

    • Reports and Data Dumps:
      1. System shall provide reports (Report mockups shall be considered as needed report list).
      2. System shall provide cost per lead, cost per close reports.
      3. System shall provide capability to export data (parameterized reports).
      4. During Beta, system shall provide daily csv file for all leads that were worked on.

    • Miscellaneous:
      1. System shall be able support tracking by country, state, and county (County is very important).
      2. System shall provide capability to create marketing email campaigns.
      3. System shall provide ability to archive old data.
      4. System shall provide opt out option to leads.
      5. System shall provide email tracking (technical failure, bounce back, bad address, opened, deleted, click through, opt out, etc.).
      6. System shall be able to support user profile based on leads states and counties.
      7. System shall remind user day before task is due, and every x amount of days when task is overdue.
      8. System shall provide ability to upload tradeshow and directory listing leads.
      9. System shall integrate with email parsing software to map email leads

    Note: Task due reminder criteria should be a changeable by Franchise Development team.

    Nice to Have:

    1. It will be nice to have multiple language support capability.
    2. It will be nice to have franchise information management module that allows us to give franchisee limited time access to update their information than terminate the access.
    3. It will be nice to have a system that supports sending email out with PDF attachments.
    4. It will be nice to have calendar sync option with outlook and lotus notes in prospective system.
    5. It will be nice to have dashboard view as main or launch page of prospective system for internal LCE users.
    6. It will be nice to have franchisee information capture forms.
    7. System shall be customizable, so we can integrate and update information from our internal systems and in our internal systems from prospective solution.
    8. In future, system shall be able to customize with single sign on (LDAP).
    9. System shall provide partner portal capability
    10. It will be nice to have lotus notes integration

    Note: Please share your SLAs regarding system support and bandwidth.

    Integration Points:

    SDP task feed daily or weekly

    County feed update into prospective system every month from LCE AS400 System

    LCE existing Franchisee data from AS400 (Price Separately)

    Link to Forum for Franchisee (add a site link for internal site)

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 5:08 AM