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  • I receive the following email purportedly from Hotmail Accout Service (Windows Live Account Recovery <postmaster@windowslives.com>). It looks supicious, plse can you confirm if this mail is genuine? Many thanks!

    Your Windows Live ID is: xxxxxx@hotmail.com

    You recently requested a new password to be sent to 
    manu00791@yahoo.in to enable you login to your account because you cannot remember either your password or your security questions and answers. If you are reading this mail and did not make this request    CLICK HERE (http://hotmail.com.fgdfjdkjiueydeiidjdfjudfgfdidjddjfgoddkjddkjdiddnfd.gahhat.co.in/) to cancel this request  immediately.
    This request was made on 2011-11-15 at 00:54:10.

    Note: This mail was sent to you for security reasons, the new password will be sent to the above mentioned email address if we did not receive any response from you within 72hours .

    Hotmail Account Services

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  • i have recieved the same mail. can any one help?
    Monday, December 12, 2011 6:53 AM
  • Hi, I got the same e-mail this morning. I think it looks suspicious too so haven't clicked on the link!

    I have been into windows live and reset security information.

    Rickyman12's is an old posting. What did you do Rickyman12?

     I have relooked at Rickyman12 entry and he got the e-mail from a different address. Mine has come from mail_server@mail.com so I think this confirms that it is a attempt to hack our e-emails.

    UPDATE: Have now had a second e-mail from same source reporting the request with a different time and date. So am 100% convinced it should be ignored!
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