Built routes in 2011 version, bought the 2010 version in a store, now can't use it RRS feed

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  • I downloaded the 2011 trial version and built routes for my Meals On Wheels delivery routes over the past 60 days. I liked the software and saw it in Sam's club for cheaper than online (online should be cheaper since you don't get the box and DVD but that's another conversation). I just learned it is the 2010 version and the routes I built in the 2011 version cannot be opened by the 2010 version. I didn't realize there was 2011 software on the net and 2010 software (it is 2012 after all) in the stores. That's what I get for assuming. Anyway, the trial period is over and I cannot open any routes now in either version.

    What do I do? Can I download another trial version and save all the routes in an older version? Is that possible? We're a small non-profit and can't pay double for software. Thanks for your help. 


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  • Yes, that is a sad story but I can see how it happened.  Obviously, the reason Sams Club was selling it cheaper was because it was out-of-date software.  What you have discovered about the software not being "backward-compatible" is also true, of course.

    This is what I would suggest.  The S&T 2011 trial period is specific to the computer on which it was installed.  Therefore, if you can find someone who has a computer that has NOT had the trial version installed, go ahead and download a new trial version on that computer.  That will take several hours as you probably already know.  When up and running, open the file(s) you created under the first trial period in this new trial version.  Then, export the information about those pushpins and/or routes as GPX file(s).  THESE GPX FILES CAN BE IMPORTED INTO YOUR S&T 2010 and you will be "good to go."

    And you may want to go back to Sam's Club and complain about selling out-of-date software without an appropriate disclosure and perhaps embarrass them into giving you a current version in exchange. 

    Alternatively, I would be happy to make the conversion for you to help your charity if the above is all too much, should you be prepared to send me the files.

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  • We are a small operation internally. I can zip the 20 .est files and email to you. Can you convert and send them back? I would be most grateful.  



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  • Yes, I can convert them but it wd be slightly easier if you did not ZIP them; I would seriously doubt if size will be a big issue.

    Unfortunately, this forum does not seem to have a Private Messaging capability and I don't think it is a good idea for anyone to post their private e-mail addresses here, let alone private files such as your EST files.  Therefore, I suggest you sign up with another forum that is equally reputable where we can PM each other.  That is www.laptopgpsworld.com and it deals with these sorts of issues exceedingly well. Even without the problem facing you now, this would be a good site for you to be acquainted with. 

    Once you have established an identity there, post a simple message alluding to your issue under Streets and Trips and then I will track back to your identity and PM you from there with my contact details. 

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  • OK. I'm set up and I posted a new thread by cutting and pasting the above opening post under the title Streets & Trips in the laptop GPS Software forum. It said a moderator had to approve first before it becomes visible.


    Thanks for your help!



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  • OK, Terry.

    Marvin!  Get a move on!!

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