CRM 2011: Solution Dependencies, how to merch forms RRS feed

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    We've the following scenario:

    - Solution A (developped by Company A) with CustomEntity A

    - Solution B (developped by Company B) extending Custom Entity A from Solution A with a new subgrid on the main form


    When I append the subgrid in Solution B (Unmanaged), the CustomEntity A is applied to the solution (with the whole form).


    When we install both solutions managed (first A, then B) on the test org-unit, the form of Custom Entity A from Solution B is on top of the stack, so this form is the one showed to the user. But how should we merge changes, when Company A is modifying the Form of CustomEntity A in their Solution (A)? Because when they for example remove a field from the form, the field is still present on the test-environment after redeploying the solutions managed (because Solution B has still the old form in it)?


    Thanks for your help,


    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 9:38 AM

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