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  • Synctoy is close to great and I hope this input helps. A question at the end.

    1. It should have some way to run an initial sync with an existing set of data. I have much to large a set of data to send all across the net to the field office, so I shipped them a backup drive. Though I could just use synctoy to keep it up to date. In the meantime a worker has been sorting out a big photo catchall dir and moving them into new subdirs, so now the field office copy has many extra files in the old catchall. This is one of those scenarios where deletes don't work. Running an initial echo from main office to field office across vpn doesn't delete any of those extras that existed before the first run. Had I known I would have done an initial run while I had the external drive here. Then assign that same drive letter to the share on the field office when it got there. I think that would work, not sure. But an option to tell synctoy to make a fresh sync db AND the option to declare all extras on the target (right) to be treated as files that were deleted on the left, to get rid of extras, would cure it.

    2. I tried to be clever (uh oh) and delete the entire contents of the catchall in the field even though copying it all again across vpn would take a day. I thought that way I would get rid of extras and all in the snyctoy db would be coordinated. No such luck. If you delete something on the right then echo does not see it as a "new" that should be sent afresh from left to right. Or maybe it's just that these were files that were there before the first run so synctoy doesn't know about them. In any case it did not copy any of those files from left to right.

    3. This is why I can't use sync mode because I if someone in the field office deletes a folder I don't want it to disappear in the main office too. The sync description implies that left to right actions happen first, then rigth to left actions. This needs to be clear. So in a way the left is still a master even in sync mode. If so then an option to tell it that deletions on the right should lead to it be replaced from the left would allow it to work for my type of scenario.

    4. I think I can accomplish much of what I need by using a sequence of commands. For instance I could run an echo from main office to field office, then as a second step run a contribute from field office to main office. There are options here with various combinations people might consider for their own needs.

    5. synctoy doesn't like dealing with many thousands of files. 10,000 files it does okay. 20,000 getting slow. By the time it gets to the end of my 50,000 it's at a standstill, especially across vpn. So I would need to create a half dozen syncs, go into each and disable most of the subfolders so each is a script to just update 1/6th of what's in the main common files folder. (Actully moving each of these groups into separate folders would mean workers would need shortcuts to each so that's not practical.)

    6. Since deleting seems to be the shortcoming at the moment I won't use synctoy for that. I'll use a contribute from main office to field office, then run another contribute from field office to main office. Then I need a separate solution to find deletes in the main office and delete the corresponding files in the field office. (Although at that point I could accomplish the same by using RichCopy both directions and then a separate delete operation. Maybe synctoy and richcopy should combine efforts and make something that has the advantages of both? Or a way for RichCopy to take the preview of synctoy as its script?)

    Which comes to my question: how can I do that. I have 50,000 files in 4,000 folders. I've tried to think of a batch file like if %a not in (*.* [but subfolders too]) then del %a but can't quite sort that out. Or even just something that would create a list of extras to a txt file and when it gets big I could use that. Append "del" to the front of all lines and run it as a bat file. So anyone know any bat or tool to find all these extras/orphans and delete them? The combination of that and snyctoy would work.




    Saturday, September 11, 2010 7:25 PM

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  • Actually now that synctoy has led me to RichCOpy and that to RoboCopy and I see robo can mirror and delete extras, 1. my question is answered (I think, I'll try it). 2. What is different about synctoy that robocopy wouldn't do?
    Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:36 PM