SyncToy Appcrash when deleting left side folders RRS feed

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  • I'm running SyncToy 2.0 x64 on Windows Server 2008 and have a folder pair set to "sync". The left side folder is on the local server filesystem, and the right side folder is on a Vista x64 system.

    So far, changes made on the right side have been syncing to the left, unless there are folders to be deleted on the left. For example, if I move some files (on the right) from one folder to another and delete the original folder. Previously (a week ago or so), this just resulted in errors being logged (access denied trying to delete the left side folder) and I was able to go in and manually delete the folders on the left side.

    I ended up marking the whole left side folder structure as "not read-only" because some of the folders did have the read-only property set.

    Something has happened though and now after making 4000+ file moves/renames on the right, SyncToy just crashes altogether when it tries to sync from the right back to the left. The crash condition seems to happen on both files and folders.

    I'm not sure what to do. Should there be special permissions on the right/left side folder structure for SyncToy? Under what user account does SyncToy perform its work?

    Any ideas?

    I can delete the folder pair and manually bring both sides into sync, but I'd of course like to have a problem free experience w/ SyncToy.

    Monday, February 9, 2009 5:40 PM