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  • Hi all (sorry for my bad english is advance),

    My name is Florian and I am a graduate of a Bachelor of computer science (oriented system and network, but with programming anyway), which is equivalent to a BAC + 3 (I know not the equivalent at home...). Currently I am in a small business as a medium (which me is not so much, because I'd like to be in the field of the system/network) computer.

    Now that I have told my life, I continue, but more the side IT. According the different projects/internship/etc I could perform, I think that the field that attracts me the most is the 'system' (Sysadmin?) and I'd like to direct me to it.

    For the moment, because my experience is, I have no idea, it could be the server administration (Windows Server with AD, DNS, DHCP, Exchange), virtualization (without necessarily talked about Microsoft: VMware, Hyper-V, Xen Server,...) the Cloud, Storage, the Web server, System Center range, etc. You'll understand the system!

    So I have two questions for you, if you will:

    (1) at the time, I come to you (it pros of experience) to have your opinion. How can I proceed to do the job that I love? What kind of work, I can expect to start before arriving to be Sysadmin? By support/helpdek? Another thing? Can you tell me if there are ways to move towards it (unless I find myself doing pure network or Dev)?

    (2) I confess, I have a preference for Microsoft technologies (I did my internship/work of end of studies top so good...) and I think direct me to it (even if Linux do disgusts me not at all!) and particularly attracted to System Center (I did a project on SCCM and a little claw, SCCM really attracts me much, as well as the SCVMM). Finally in short, I would like, and I think this is a big plus, making of certifications in Microsoft technologies.

    Actually, I think than that, one, ask my knowledge and my level, but help me find a job more easily in the field I want to do. So I come to you, what are the certifications that you advise me, in what order, etc. to do?

    Also, how to? Preparing for them? How many ca cost? etc...

    Here, I thank you in advance for reading me and I hope to read your answers. If I badly expressed or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!

    Thanks again, Florian

    Thursday, October 22, 2015 11:13 AM