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  • If I have a SQLServerCE database sync'd with a master SQL 2008 database, and need to dump the data locally (i.e. to a flat file) to make more room, but then need to reload the data at a later date, would there be enough information in the dump for the Sync Framwork to recognize that this data was previously synchronized, and to not cause it to try to resync identical records with the master?




    1. I have a database with 2.5 GB of graphics images

    2. I archive that data locally, and add another 1.8 GB of images

    3. I archive the 1.8 GB of images

    4. I reload the 2.5 GB of graphics archived in step 1.


    Would the 2.5 GB then be re-uploaded to the master upon completion of the database load?

    Would the archiving process cause those records to be deleted from the master?


    I'm mainly trying to figure out a sync strategy for dealing with CE Databases exceeding 4 GB where all of the database size is bascially in one, very large, table.


    Thoughts?  Should I just write a file to database sync and store the image files outside of the CE database?





    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:13 AM


  • Assuming that the images do not change, then you might want to store them on the client outside CE.


    Alternatively you might want to partition the downloaded data into multiple client CE databases.


    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:55 PM