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  • I understand cool apps, but this is ridiculous! I’ve never said I hate a Microsoft product in my life, but this is a first.  I moved from the Samsung i760 after an unfortunate bath in a public fountain.  Verizon guided me towards the Droid phone, since it had the full keyboard slide out I went for it.  Not realizing the integration problems with Outlook, and the lack of a word suggestion/spell correction when typing on the QWERTY keyboard, and the topper was the inability to select, copy and paste text. I turned it in to go back to my reliable Windows mobile OS phone… there, all would be right in the world. Right?  Wrong! Congratulations Winmo; you’ve got “me too” down pat. All the same crummy features from the droid phone are in Winmo 6.5, and none of the important business features that I need are included.  I need to downgrade, or this phone is going back to Verizon.  I don’t care about Facebook and garbage apps. I just need word suggestion/spell correction when typing on the QWERTY keyboard, ability to select, copy and paste text, and Active Sync.  1 out of 3 wont cut it.  WinMo 6.5 is a colossal waste. I hate it.  Give me a “classic” view and features.  It looks like its too late for me, I may have to check out the blackberry…
    Tuesday, March 16, 2010 6:58 PM


  • You can go back to a classic view on the Today screen:

    Tap Start > Settings > Today > Items tab > remove checkmark next to Windows Default and choose the items you'd like to see on the today screen. 

    You could also install some today screen plugin software like SPB Shell, if you like today screen plugins.

    Copy & Paste still works on a WM6.5 device, it's just not as straightforward as it was on WM6.1.  Now you have to press & hold your stylus on the screen until a popup menu appears, then select "Make Selection," then you can select the text you want to copy by running your stylus over the screen, press & hold your stylus on the screen again and choose "Copy" from the popup menu.  To paste the text where you want it to go, move your stylus to the place you want the text to go, press & hold it on the screen and choose "Paste" from the popup menu.

    What WM6.5 device do you have?  I ask because I have an HP IPAQ Glisten, and the onscreen keyboard is exactly like every other onscreen keyboard, with word suggestion/spell correction, of every other windows mobile device I've owned.  However, I also have an HTC Touch Diamond2, and that device does not have the standard onscreen keyboard.  Instead it has an HTC keyboard, that does not provide the full functionality of the standard microsoft keyboard (like a Ctrl key).  I've installed Spb Keyboard to the HTC Touch Diamond2 to get that functionality back.  Even so, the HTC keyboard also includes options to disable or enable word suggestion/spell correction.

    ActiveSync still works on WM6.5, so I'm not sure what your issues are there.

    What other important business functions do you think are missing from your WM6.5 phone?
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