Very disappointed with ICE 2.0, Why was ICE 1.4.4 uninstalled with NO WARNING and all links online changed and removed? RRS feed

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  • After many many years of usage and 100's of projects I was given an update alert. I accepted that alert but without warning or my consent my previous version of ICE 1.4.4 was uninstalled. Now when I go to find the software all old links have been changed and redirected to ICE 2.0.

    I'm pretty disappointed and don't understand why the removal of ICE 1.4.4 is acceptable?

    I'm not willing to use a download from any other website at Adware/Spyware is out of control, why would you change the old links and remove any options for ICE 1.4.4 and force people to search the Wild Wild west for most likely infected software just to reinstall ICE 1.4.4. Why was this uninstalled automatically without warning?

    This was a separate download and shouldn't effect any of my previously installed software just like Office 2013 doesn't uninstall Office 2010 or 2007!

    I also had an update for Photosynth which now wont even login with my Microsoft software which works everywhere else. So after years of no problems both recent updates fail. As a 15 year MS Partners I've seen many other recent failures and am very disappointed with both the Partner, Research and Support teams at Microsoft what is going on?

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  • Hey there, Jeremy,

    Regarding ICE:

    As far as being able to install multiple versions of an application next to each other and choose which one you like, I understand (and in ICE's case, I do prefer having both to choose from), but I would have to say that this is very much the exception, not the rule.

    What I mean is that whenever Windows Media Player, Zune Marketplace (desktop application), Photosynth (desktop application, online viewer, or mobile apps), Windows Live Essentials, Skype, or countless other Microsoft applications update, they always replace the older version.

    The same could be said of any of the five mainstream web browsers when they auto-update themselves. They always replace the older version with the newer version when they install. The same could also be said of every single app in every single app store. The updated app always replaces the older version of the app when you update it from the app store.

    So, taking that into consideration, it isn't too shocking that ICE 2 would replace ICE 1.

    Neither, then, is it very shocking that when you go to download the installer for ICE clean from their website that you would only get the installer for the latest version of the application.

    Now, regarding downloading a copy of the installer for ICE 1.4.4, my advice is to use the Internet Archive to pull up a backup of ICE's homepage prior to 2015 February 5th. web.archive.org

    Feel free to paste my shortlink to the ICE homepage into the Internet Archive input box, since it is easier to memorize: bit.ly/microsoftice

    I will warn you in advance, though, that going back to ICE 1.4.4 will mean needing to close the 'update' dialog every time that you open ICE which does become very tiresome.

    Regarding Photosynth:

    I don't remember any recent updates for Photosynth's desktop application when launching it recently, but people who had two-step verification enabled on their Microsoft account have been unable to sign into it since 2013, without first creating an app password. (The same thing applies to Windows Live Essentials, Zune Marketplace, etc.)

    The other option is to deactivate two-step verification and you'll instantly be back to your ordinary password working on every Microsoft login form.
    (To be clear, Eric Stollnitz from MSR says that ICE 2 should sign into a Microsoft account with two-step verification enabled.)

    On the other hand, Photosynth's FAQ states:
    "You need an application-specific password in order to use [the ICE and Photosynth processing apps] with Two-Factor Authentication."
    It is not entirely clear to me whether that statement intends to include ICE 2 or whether that statement was written to refer to ICE 1.

    I also replied to you on the Photosynth forum, but if you read that reply, please forgive me for first believing that your report there was primarily about not being able to log into ICE 2.

    The last two replies there were written after I read your report here on the ICE forum and it became clear to me that your report on the Photosynth forum probably intended to report primarily the problems with signing into the Photosynth desktop application.

    Sorry for the long reply. Hopefully you'll at least find the ICE 1 download suggestion to be helpful.

    Your fellow synther and panner,

    Sunday, March 8, 2015 7:57 PM