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  • I wanted to report the following problem to the Internet Explorer Web Development Forum, but the drop down list doesn't contain that as a choice.  Also, the dialog box for making a link is still coming up  as white on white, as in ...

    The details of the problem are
    Subject:   Is \x96 The Devil's Character?
    Details:    I have tried unsuccessfully with two different webpage RE Testers, one of which is my own ...
    ... and also a JavaScript program running under WSH to replace the character \x96 in the following string ...
        "SDN – ch 52 (20kW), Arqiva A – ch 41(5kW) and Arqiva B – ch 44 (5kW)"
    ... using ...
        aString.replace( new RegExp("\\x96", "gm"),  "-" )

    I know it's a \x96 character, bracketted each side by spaces, because I've had a look at a hex dump of the file, the relevant section of which reads ...
        20 96 20
    Replacing the \\x96 with \\x20 successfully replaces all the blanks in the string.

    What is going on?  Is \\x96 the Devil's number that only a canonised Saint can alter, and then only at the risk of eternal damnation?
    Friday, April 17, 2009 12:18 PM