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  • Well, I have re-installed my WindowsXP Professional many times with no trouble and hassle at all. Heck, I even called up to re-activate it when I swapped out my video card!

    Here's my problem...

    I re-installed WindowsXP Professional today and went to the update site. It downloaded some updates like bits 2.0 or something of the sort and requested a restart. Obviously, I rebooted. I again went to the update page, expecting to be able to update to service pack 2 like I did the last time I re-installed. *poof* up comes a page saying I must first validate my windows software (I had already activated my product online). I clicked on "...help me validate..." and the next page I am brought to says "Validation Incomplete: Unable to Perform Validation

    You have encountered an unknown error. Please contact your local product support team for further assistance with this issue. "

    Hmmm very strange indeed. So I went and downloaded the Genuine Advantage diagnostics tool. I ran that and it verified that my copy of windows was genuine.

    So what's up? I never had this problem before. Is there something new where I have to update to a service pack before I can use the updater instead of the updater doing it for me?

    Saturday, June 10, 2006 4:08 AM


  • Problem solved.
    I turned on automatic updates. 20 updates were installed after which I had to restart my pc. After I was logged in, a messaged popped up telling me that "This version of Windows XP is no longer up to date" I was directed to the updater which now works for me and I am able to install Service Pack 2.
    Saturday, June 10, 2006 4:26 AM