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  • A remote user is attempting to download a 500MB file from my WHS.  We are both on FIOS and reliably getting the 5Mbps upstream bandwidth I paid for.  However, the download times out on him every time.  Sometimes early, usually late.  He has successfully download some smaller files, 200 and 300 Meg.   Any suggestions?



    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:34 PM


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  • You can change the time-out on the remote access webpage using iis manager on your WHS (Start, Run, type inetmgr ad Hit Enter), or edit the appropriate web.config file manually (http://mswhs.com/2007/10/30/remote-access-timeout/) or install WHS toolkit Add-in detailed instructions in Windows Home Server Toolkit (revised)

    Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:41 AM
  • the server is set for 20 minutes. someone mentioned something about msft shutting down open access from the internet. something about not wanting to keep open access to intruders. i don't understand the philosphy fully. but it's kinda ridiculous to timeout after 20 minutes cuz you never know when you want to access over the internet. i couldn't get the toolkit to do anything for me. but if you use the remote session timeout link previously posted. skip the mstc.exe instructions. i added 4 0's. i still can't keep the server running on a continuos 24/7 timeframe. sometimes it times out when trying to access another file after downloading a previous file. but after a brief blackout period and relogging back in.  it comes back to life. but it works. the toolkit does the same thing, but you have to download the program. and figure out how it works.  and quite frankly i prefer this 2 second method over messing around with installing and trying to get some toolkit  to work. if all else fails. before i found this solution. i used the add-in webfolders program. it works quite nicely for completing the download. specialy files over 2 gigs. basically your websight will be (((((https://username.homeserver.com/webfoldersshare)))).... log in like normal homeserver sight. and you get a ftp like protocol webpage. that thing works everytime should you still have problems using server normally.  and you can dowload it from www.microsoft.com/windowshomeserver  and go to add-ins link. or google it.


    and  in case you haven't found out yet. 2 gig is max for the server websight without the use of webfolders


    HEY BRUBBER. i have my issue resolved. but i have blackout moments. one minute everything works. next nothing works then out of blue everything comes back to life. you wouldn't know of a solution??? i opened up

    inetmgr. i c a couple of possibilities but not sure if it's the problem that needs a settings change. under webservice extensions.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:24 PM