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    I'm trying to use the new SqlSyncProvider and SqlCeSyncProvider in an n-tier solution. The WebSharingAppDemo doesnt show how to do this plus it uses the DbSyncProvider instead of the SqlSyncProvider.

    The client database will always be a CE database. The server database will always be Sql Server 2008 (not Express). The client will be disconnected quite a bit and will be communicating through a custom sink using .NET Remoting, hence the need for n-tier.

    I've seen documentation that says I need to create a proxy for the providers. Not sure why they're not there but anyway. The WebSharingAppDemo shows creating a proxy for the SqlCeSyncProvider but not the SqlSyncProvider. On top of that there is a lot of code in this sample app which makes it more difficult to zero in on what makes this tick.

    I know these classes were just put out recently but does anyone know how I can accomplish this?

    Anyone know of sample apps that do this or at least use the new providers in an n-tier scenario?

    UPDATED 7.12.2009: It would be nice to have this .NET Remoting friendly but if the answer to get this to work is comprised of WCF I'm cool as I'm thinking about using it as the comm technology.

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