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  • I tried Mesh more then a year ago and majority of the things just did not work. I assumed it might be beta so I abandonded mesh and replaced with LogMein for remote access and Windows Live Sync for folder synchronization. More then a year later I realized Windows Live Sync does not allow you sync files bigger then 4GB so I decided to give Live Mesh a second try, assuming after a year even "beta" supposed to be more functional.
    What I had experienced in last 2 days.
    1. No major progress in issues I had before. (Inability to remote desktop into home computer, complete lack of synchronization of Live Desktop with computer for no reason).
    2. I had BSOD on Windows XP machine (machine was running fine for previous year+)
    3. High CPU utilization on host with no network traffic (seems to me Live Mesh was trying to index my files)
    4. Oddities in general UI and program behaviour. Unexpected slow downs then idle then high activity with no reasonable explanation and general complete lack of indication of what program is doing right now.

    It might be me, my setup and other quirks on my side  but I never seen so many issues with any beta software before.
    So good by LiveMesh for another year. Will be doing file sync with AllwaySync for big files, LiveSync for everything else and LogMeIn for remote access.
    Sunday, April 5, 2009 11:05 PM

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  • Live Mesh is still in beta and no announcement has been made for when it will be considered a released product. That said, most people find it to be very usable and quite stable. Yes, there are some bugs and quirks. That would be why it is still in beta.

    For each of your issues:
    1. Inability to use Remote Desktop - a little more information would be helpful. Errors? Configuration being used? Remote Desktop will not work over an authenticated proxy. It should work otherwise.
    2. BSOD - How do you know that this was caused by Live Mesh?
    3. High CPU - did you check task manager to see what process was using CPU? This has been reported by others and would potentially be a bug.
    4. Oddities - this is an area where you can make a difference by reviewing the suggestions submitted by other and voting or by submitting your own suggestions for the way you believe the program should work and by submitting bug reports for behavior that you consider to be unexpected behavior.


    How to Submit Bugs and Live Mesh Logs



    Live Mesh Beta: Suggestions - Go cast your vote!



    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Monday, April 6, 2009 1:17 PM
  • I understand being a beta and not feature wise and full of bugs but I don't understand how this product can be so bad in what it's supposed to do. Every single feature of LiveMesh did not work for me. As I said it might be me or my setup but my experience in last year did not change when I already gaved on product once.
    I'm not computer novice and I did not miss something obvious all the issues are real and when I say high CPU utilization I meant MOE.exe was using all CPU and BSOD appeared immediately after LiveMesh install and "last known good configuration" fixed the issue so probably 90% change it's LiveMesh and when I tried RemoteDesktop then it was unfirewall configuration within local network between 2 machines. So while it's still might be my configuration but still it's way too buggy for me to make a switch especially after 1 year and no major progress in main areas what it's supposed to be good at.
    I'm wondering if it's just me or other people experiencing this weirdness as well. There shall be something "How we are doing" button in LiveMesh to measure satisfaction with product.

    Monday, April 6, 2009 2:01 PM
  • Thanks for the clarification on a few items. Yes, the high CPU for moe.exe is what I mentioned that others have reported. That is likely a bug. The BSOD and Remote Desktop issues sound like problems with your setup, though that does not mean that these are not bugs, too.
    If you scan the forum or the bug submissions on Connect, you will see that others do have issues. However, most people don't have issues as severe as the ones you've reported here.

    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Monday, April 6, 2009 4:13 PM