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    About 2 days ago, I have had an issue occur, where OneDrive froze while saving a file.  The problem became that bad, I had to run a ondedrive.exe /reset and resetup my 2 business and hotmail onedrives.

    Now, both my business ones restored, but my personal hotmail onedrive is not working.  

    • I removed and unlinked the pc under Onedrive.
    • I went to c:\users\<username>\Onedrive and deleted the folder.
    • I went into Users->Managed Credentials and removed the accounts under the Windows Credential area here.
    • I rebooted the PC.
    • I have then tried multiple times to Add the account back, it just hangs with Loading screen.
    • Under Office, i have signed into the account.  I cannot see any files in OneDrive.
    • I have signed into hotmail and clicked on OneDrive.  
    • I then tried to access a file, takes ages and finally opens.  
    • I try to save the file back.  It hangs.
    • I then try save to desktop and move over into the web browser, while logged into my account.  It hangs.

    Can you please advise if there is some sort of registry key that also needs wiping?



    Friday, April 17, 2020 8:22 AM