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    I have windows update set to notify me but not automatically download / install. I do the installs when I am ready to close my work. This PC stays up for weeks sometimes.


    I am "at risk" and can't make this red warning go away. Combine that with my disabling the phishing filter because I am not an idoit and I don't like the idea of all my web traffic being reported to a central server.


    Add to that the fact that the free "Vista firewall control" program is more full featured than the Live UI - I can't "allow once" in Live... I'm starting to feel pretty good about the rebates that are on the way. At least I didn't waste any money on this.


    I definately will uninstall & not renew if these items are not addressed:

    1.) Able to ignore system warnings and return to a "Good" state even though some things are in error. Just like the standard security center behaves... Specifically, ignore disuse of phishing filter, windows update, and the backup utility.

    2.) add ability to firewall to "allow once." Right now I can allow, block, block once.



    Thursday, February 7, 2008 3:02 PM


  • Thanks for your feedback.

    Yes, OneCare will not accept any Automatic Update settings except download and install updates - immediately or at a scheduled time.

    If you search the forum, I'm sure you'll find many others agree with you on this topic, myself included.


    The phishing filter does not report/track *your* web usage. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/IE/community/columns/phishing.mspx


    The Windows Firewall is most certainly *not* more powerful and feature filled than the OneCare firewall. The Vista firewall offers inbound protection only, while the OneCare firewall offers two way protection.

    Your request for an allow once option is certainly reasonable. Why would you want this feature?



    Thursday, February 7, 2008 3:12 PM