Post editor cumbersome RRS feed

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  • I find it irritating to use the post editor because the editor is at the bottom of the page and doesn't scroll along the posts. What if I want the editor to be in the top of my screen? No chances now, because scrolling only scrolls the posts at the top of the browser and not the editor. This problem is most severe when I use only my laptop, which has somewhat small screen, so my browser takes the whole screen and the editor is really low. What if I was in a hurry and used the laptop from my lap, it would be really hard to see the editor near the bottom of the screen at my lap actually.

    This same goes with everything with Microsoft. For example Windows Explorer doesn't allow white space in the explorer folder tree hierarchy. If I select a network folder from bottom of the folder tree, I cannot scroll that folder upwards if there just doesn't happen to be even more folders below the selected folder. So there the folder stays, at the bottom of the screen, unless I expand the tree below the selected folder or resize or move the Windows Explorer window.
    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 11:11 AM