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  • I have decided to rename this product "One Note from ____". I am currently a doctoral student who has not had a very good experience with Vista period. Lots of lost information, heartbreak, and unnecessary frustrations from a product that should never have been released until it had undergone quality control measures. Today was just another wonderful Microsoft day in which I found myself typing away at One Note, saving every paragraph, and backing up like a fiend. With the mere touch of a button, my entire day's work was wiped out. Two questions: Why doesn't One Note refer back to the last data point saved? Why does one have to feel like they are fighting in trenchs when working with Microsoft products? Someone ought to develop a Microsoft PTSD support group for everyone that has become accustomed to loosing important data. By the way, if the brillant tech dept that worked on this product thought that would be a good idea for this sort of loop hole to make it through development- We could all use the unwarranted x-mas bonus that you all received!

    Sunday, December 13, 2009 10:22 PM

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