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    What's a technical forum without hackers? Before I proceed, lets make a few things clear. Notice I used the word "hackers"? NOT "crackers". I mean ethical hackers hacking for ethical reasons which defines some purpose not the usual "because I can" line.


    I was waiting for some hacking related thread to pop up but I guess people are pulling back at the idea so I thought I might as well as take the initiative.


    The idea behind this discussion thread is to discuss the methodology, phsycology, concepts, tools and exploits of hacking. What we discuss here stays here. You agree to not apply the information you gain from this thread on a 3rd party without full authorization. Simple rule, lets keep it that way.


    Try and keep our discussion around Windows and Microsoft technologies. Ok, so first things first. A little prologue:

    1. What is hacking?
      I define hacking (in our context) simply as an art of breaking into a computer system.
    2. What is the difference between hacking and cracking?
      Hacking is simply gaining unauthorized access. Cracking is hacking + using your new powers for an evil cause.

    The idea behind this thread is purely for knowledge and to impress on all of you the importance of security. My motto is "The World's best hacker is also the World's best security expert".


    You can post questions about hacking in general or the different types of hacking or post some code so that we can evaluate if its safe or not, etc etc. Possibilites are endless. I would go into a detailed article but that kinda defeat the point of having a forum discussion.


    This is our cozy thread for our dark side Big Smile

    Friday, September 21, 2007 7:59 PM