Win10 PC's will not connect to mapped network drives on Server2007 at startup RRS feed

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  • Hi all, hope you can help.

    I have a small office with 11 PC's and 1 server, server is running 2007 SP2 and PC's were all win7. My problems occurred when I upgraded 3 of the PC's to win10, I am having issues with our mapped network drives on the server not connecting automatically at startup on the win10 PC's. We have 4 mapped network drives on the server which all PC's can access. These mapped network drives are setup in desktop shortcuts, program shortcuts, database paths etc. 

    The win10 PC's will sometimes connect to these server mapped drives at startup and sometimes not so it is quite frustrating. I have removed drives, re-mapped them and it is still inconsistent. The PC's are turned off every night so have a cold boot in the morning and this is when the issue occurs most, a reboot will always re-connect to the mapped network drives so I am guessing the connection is stored or caches on the server for a unknown time period.

    No error messages come up on the win10 PC's about "could not connect to mapped network drive", they just don't connect. The only way to make them connect is to open explorer and click on the 4 drives that have the red X next to them, they connect straight away but this manual connection is an issue. Could anyone shed some light on why this is a win10 issue only, none of the other win7 PC's have the issue.

    I need to try and pinpoint why the win10 PC's connect sometimes and not others, more often than not.  The PC's and server on the network are setup in the same workgroup, each PC is running as administrator and I have also done a fresh install of win10 on 2 of the PC's rather than upgrade to see if that corrects the issue which it doesn't.

    Any help, guidance appreciated....

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:01 AM