Obscure post: My PocketSense scrubber for Fidelity Investments RRS feed

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  • I have made changes to my Fidelity Investments scrubber for PocketSense. PocketSense is what reads the OFX servers and delivers transactions and quotes to me for Microsoft Money. My scrubber is not a big deal, but I found it worthwhile for me. A special scrubber is not needed by most people

    1. Adjust the date of included quotes. It works better for Fidelity than using a timeOffset than using a timeOffset for various reasons. If not using a scrubber, I would suggest a timeOffset of about -23.5 if in central timezone. My scrubber makes it not matter what your timezone is, and it has shorter critical times when things are in state that might cause the wrong date to be applied to prices. That is not a big deal, since there is not a problem with the dates of transactions.

    2. MLP distributions come in as a cash transaction with Payee "RETURN OF CAPITAL". The only problem with this is that the distribution is not associated with the investment. That makes the performance figures for the investment in the Portfolio screen look worse than they really are. My method does increase effort a little, but it increases accuracy. It replaces any incoming cash transaction with payee "RETURN OF CAPITAL"  with an Other Income transaction for an artificial "Surrogate MLP" security. It then becomes possible to change the security name with the real name from the Fidelity Website. That does not have to be performed at the time of download, or ever. But the ability to associate the distribution with the security is the purpose.

    Saturday, December 10, 2011 10:46 PM