Is there some way to find out which reports in CRM are actually being used? RRS feed

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  • There is a great of deal of reports in our CRM environment and I would like to remove the ones that are longer being used. Is there any possible way to see when a report was last ran?
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  • You can use the below query.

    You get all this information from your ReportServer Database. There is view called "dbo.ExecutionLog2" which will give you all report execution history.

    You can query dbo.ExecutionLog2 view with filtering your particular report with full report path. TO get only one record as per your requirements you can select TimeStart or TimeEnd in decending order. For your reference please have a look at following SQL Query.

    SELECTTOP (1) PERCENT ReportPath, TimeStart, TimeEnd, UserName, RequestType, Format, TimeDataRetrieval, TimeProcessing, TimeRendering, [Source] FROM dbo.ExecutionLog2 WHERE (ReportPath = N'/Report Project1/Report1') ORDERBY TimeStart DESC

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  • Hi,

    Try running this SQL Script against your ReportServer Database, it should show you the required details.

    SELECT	a.UserName, a.Format, a.TimeStart, b.Name, b.Description, a.[Parameters], a.TimeStart
    FROM	ExecutionLog a INNER JOIN Catalog b ON a.ReportID = b.ItemID
    ORDER BY a.TimeStart DESC

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    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 10:12 PM