Silverlight rest filter on more than one condition RRS feed

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    I want to keep track of products bought by clients (Accounts).

    I have create a bridge entity between Account and Product. (Similar to Quote and Product).

    Now I want to query a specific product belonging to a specific account.  I've got the AccountID and the ProductID.  How will I query this result?  I have tried the following:

    DataServiceQuery<new_accountproduct> queryAccountproduct = (DataServiceQuery<new_accountproduct>)
          AddQueryOption("$filter", "AccountId eq guid'" + AccountID + "'").
          AddQueryOption("$filter", "new_ProductLookupId eq guid'" + ParentProductID + "'");
          queryAccountproduct.BeginExecute(RetrieveAccountProductsHandler, queryAccountproduct); 

    I assume my problem lies with the AddQueryOption parts.



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    Thursday, November 1, 2012 10:42 AM