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  • Just paid $40 for the 'new', 'updated ST2013, to upgrade my ST 2010.

    I live in a small Illinois town named Petersburg. I note the following inaccuracies in ST2013 --

    Petefish & Skiles does not have a branch on East Sangamon. It is an Athens State Bank, right next to the County Market, which is not on the map, though it is the only grocery store in town (and the only grocery store in the county).
    There is only one Ayerco gas station / convenience store in town. It is at the NW corner of West Sheridan and North 6th Street  (IL97). Neither Petersburg Middle School nor Petersburg--PORTA High school are listed on the map. The Middle School is on Owen, opposite George & Vogt Roads. PORTA HS is North of High School road on the ST2013 map, with the 'road' on the ST2013 map being the driveway for the HS.
    East of town, Petersburg Pharmacy is NOT on Windswept Drive, south of SR123. It is East of Centre Drive, NORTH of SR123. Menard Medical Center is also there for emergencies, not that anyone having an emergency would want to know that.

    Looking at the map for Springfield, Illinois, it's about 75% accurate.

    Now, to Fort Wayne, IN.  On the southwest side, all the restaurants / businesses displayed are wrong along Illinois: those are not ON the roads titled Apple Glen Blvd / W Jefferson Blvd / S Illinois, though those roads are depicted correctly. There is a shopping center in between those roads called Jefferson Pointe. To the West of Apple Glen Blvd is the Wal-mart / Best Buy plaza. I guess Microsoft is hoping you'll figure that out when you get there.

    On the east side of Ft. Wayne, IN, the new U.S. Route 24, a four lane expressway all the way to Toledo, Ohio at I-475, is finished all the way to I-469 outside Fort Wayne. ST2013 still lists US24 4-lane expressway ending at IN 101 two miles inside Indiana. 

    ST2013 also deceptively lists US24 still going through downtown Waterville, OH, though for the past two years the new, 4-lane US24 has gone outside Waterville.

    With these egregious errors on routes I know well, I must ask, how much updating does Microsoft actually do??

    Now, I understand not updating much in a small town in rural Illinois, in 'flyover country'. But a major US route between two major economic / transportation hubs in Ohio / Indiana, over which thousands of vehicles drive a day, wouldn't that be worth an update after three years???

    With such a deplorable state of accuracy over a well known route, why would I even have a hope that an unknown route is being accurately portrayed.

    Why not just use Google maps, even if they're selling my route to the NSA??

    Lez incompetant.

    Friday, September 13, 2013 3:36 AM