Problem with WPF Notepad Demo sample RRS feed

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  • Please see my Errors from building notepad sample. The suggestion was to post the question in the msbuild forum, but I am not sure that is the most relevant either. Perhaps it should be asked in another VS forum or in the MSDN Site Feedback forum. Or perhaps I should just proceed to report the issue as a bug. If someone will confirm that the msbuild forum seems the most relevant, then I will proceed to do that.

    The problem is that when I build the sample, the output of both the release and debug configurations go into the debug directory. I have successfully built most of the other WPF samples and I have not had the same problem with any of the others. A couple or so of the samples do not build for me, but they do not have the same problem. I say that just to explain that the problem is not likely the way I am building the sample; there seems to be something wrong with the project that is provided with the sample.

    I don't really need an answer for myself; I want to notify Microsoft of the problem, so perhaps I should report it as a bug. The only thing I really want is confirmation that what I describe is happening as I describe. I think that Marco Zhou did confirm that but that is not totally clear.
    Sam Hobbs; see my SimpleSamples.Info
    Monday, October 27, 2008 7:43 AM