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  • While attempting to do a re-installation of the CTP on an existing Beta 2 system, the installation was stopped by an error, setup was looking for c:\ ...winnt.sif, and was unable to find it. My hardware is:


    HP d220

    Intel Celeron 2.20GHZ

    1 GB Ram

    2 - 80 GB EIDE hard drives

    2 - 80 GB SCSI hard drives attached to a PCI SiI 0680 Ultra 133 Medley ATA raid controller card, raid is not configured, so drives appear to the OS as individual SCSI drives.


    The SCSI card and the two drives accociated with it were added to the Beta 2 system with no problems after the initial install.


    I loaded the drivers for the SCSI card , and all drives were detected by set-up, but halfway through the install an error dialog popped up, looking for a file. The only option to continue was to interrupt setup and cancel the installation. I then attempted a clean install, and got the same error with the drivers loaed, but was able to complete the install on a second attempt of clean install by not loading the drivers untill after the install. Of course all data was lost, I am glad I backed up my files at the suggestion of the WHS team in the install notes on the download page. Set-up is apparently not compatible with the drivers for this PCI card.

    Monday, April 23, 2007 3:11 AM