Trouble in using dut.exe RRS feed

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  • I  have just a Sora MIMO with four RF ports, and I use RF4 and RF3 to have a DUT test. Firstly, I enable HWT Driver, then I connect one antenna to the send port of RF4 and the other to the receive port of RF3. Both the antenna have a operating frequency at 830M. Secondly, I run the send.bat.All the RET is 0x00000000. Thirdly, I run the receive.bat. Then I get the two document under folder named SORADUMP. Lastly, I use sdscope-11a.exe to open the DUMP. But the result shows that there is nothing expect an overview plot. Why? ( CPU is I7-4790K, OS is win7-64bit, Motherboard is GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H )


    cd C:\SoraSDK2.0\bin

    dut start --radio 0

    dut radwr --reg 0x07 --value 830 --radio 0

    dut txgain --value 0x400 --radio 0

    dut transfer --file C:\data\frame6.bin

    for /L %i in (1,1,1000000) do dut mimotx --sid 524288 --radio 0


    cd C:\SoraSDK2.0\bin

    dut start --radio 1

    dut radwr --reg 0x07 --value 830 --radio 1

    dut radwr --reg 0x17 --value 0x1 --radio 1

    dut rxgain --value 0x400 --radio 1

    dut dump

    Thursday, November 27, 2014 12:18 PM