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  • Hello,

    I downloaded ResetWUEng from the official site and after launching the program, it returns the following error message:

    The script for this program is located at the following address: Script Reset Windows Update Agent -

    I am not a Windows Shell Script specialist but I looked at the source code of this program and found that it had somewhat the same language structure as VBA or VB 2010 that I am familiar with. I noticed the following:

    Unless I am mistaken, it would appear that the system version number will be extracted from the two lines below.

    For / f "tokens = 4-5 delims = []" %% a in ('ver') do set version = %% a %% b

    For %% a in (% version%) do set version = %% a

    From this, it appears that the "version" variable contains the correct version number of the system as displayed by the command prompt (see Screen shot below).

    The next test [if% version% EQU 5.1.2600] will fail when it should have set the variables "name = Microsoft Windows XP, family, allow = Yes".

    This condition having been negative, the tests will continue until the end where this time the default condition is applied. Thus, the variable "name” is set to Unknown and the variable "allow" is set to No, but the "version" variable remains unchanged.

    At this level of the program, the content of the variables is thus the following:

    - Name = Unknown

    - Version = 5.1.2600

    This is what the following line will display:

    Echo.% Name% [Version:% version%]

    Echo.Reset Windows Update Tool.

    Subsequently, the variable "allow = No" does not allow to go to the repair procedure and after the display of some lines of comment, it is the end of the program.

    I do not know why the test "if% version% EQU 5.1.2600" did not work then the variable contains the right version number !? So, I wish you good luck and if you wish, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

    thank you for your cooperation



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