OCS Standard Edition Deployment - What's needed? (Also, no SIP ACK) RRS feed

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  • I am working on an OCS Standard Edition deployment.  I've mangaed to get internal IM and voice to work (the easy part, right?) and it is connected to my Exchange 2007 deployment.  I am running into issues with just about everything else.

    I want to be able to offer the full functionality of OCS, but my primary concern right now is Enterprise Voice.  I have an external vendor that will act as my PSTN Gateway, and they support SIP over TCP.  I've read all of the guides, and have deployed a Mediation Server, as it appears that I need that to connect to this vendor.  I have not deployed any edge servers at this time.  I am having issues where outbound calls are routed correctly to my vendor, and the caller can hear the recipient answer, but the connect is terminated after about 5 seconds.  It appears as though my Mediation Server is not sending a SIP ACK.  Also, in the Contact field, it is inserting it's internal FQDN, which I think will cause problems later.

    Does anyone know if this setup, with a Standard Edition OCS server and a Mediation server is sufficient for Enterprise Voice? Why would the Mediation Server not send a SIP ACK?  What can I do about the Contact: field having the wrong (internal) FQDN?

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008 11:38 PM