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  • UPDATE: This wasn't getting enough use as a sticky note. Please create a new thread for these issues instead. Thanks!


    Report broken threads or wrong thread types here.

    A wrong thread type is when a thread is a question but should be a discussion, or more often, it was made a discussion, but it's really a question. If it should be a Question, then the answer can't be marked (and the answerer cannot receive credit). If it should be a Discussion, then likely there is no real answer and it's stuck as an Unanswered Question.

    A broken thread is when the thread includes HTML that the Editor could not translate correctly. The result is that the panels (side or main) are moved out of place (often off screen to the left) and you cannot propose or mark answers (and other similar limitations).


    Then we'll ask the support team to fix them for you (or a Mod will fix the "Wrong Thread Type" issues if a Mod from that forum sees this).

    You must link to the thread!


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