(telltmick) I have "vista" and "one care" back up RRS feed

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  • I am a novice to computers, what the experts tell me I do "untill it go's wrong, like "norton" & "mcAfee" but with "onecare" over the past two years I have been trouble free, but this seems to be one, they car,nt find so here go's the best I can,
    The P.C seem,s to run fine (I,m doing this) but also the mouse curser arrow and the internet connecting circle is going a hundred to the dozen, the the whole lot "freezes" for proberbly half a minute, and will continue doing this, through out the time on the P.C., also trying access mail, well, click on the mail tab, (go and have a cup of tea) then see if you have any mail, if it's got that far, ah! I also have CC Cleaner on board to look after the registry, can any one help with this one please? eer? slow and easy one step at a time, at 65 the old grey matter, is jussst getting a bit foggy, my thanks for help any one  Tellymick
    Saturday, November 7, 2009 10:10 PM