How can I tell Microsoft ICE, that it mustn't rotate the pictures while stitching? RRS feed

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  • Hello there,

    I want to stitch a big panorama with Microsoft ICE (about 1'000 pictures).

    For my computer to handle the stitching and saving of this panorama I let it stitch/save my panorama in parts (horizontal devided by 2 and vertically devided by 7 -> 14 parts). I want to stitch my exported Photoshop-files manually in Photoshop.
    In order to do that I need the panorama parts to be straight and not destorted. (I havent captured the panorama pictures with a motor head, but with a tripod with a plane rotating head and I tried to make the overlapping about 50%). The pictures are therefor not rotated but parallel to each other.

    If I use ICE to stitch my panorama parts with those settings, …

    But when I let ICE stitch them it rotates some of those pictures an makes the panorama with a curve:

    How can I tell ICE to not rotate the pictures (it can move, skew and distort them but only parallel with no rotation)?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind Regards 

    Saturday, April 4, 2020 12:02 PM