Help with wireless connections RRS feed

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  • Any help with these issues is greatly appreciated!


    Issue 1:

    Dell laptop, WinXP Home, wireless PCMCIA adapter.  The wireless card connected to the WAP fine.  Now when I power on the laptop, the card powers on (green light), but it will not recognize my WAP any longer.  I made no changes from the time it connected.  I surfed the internet for a little while, the logged off and powered off the laptop.  It is in the same location (approx. 25 ft. away from WAP) as when it connected.  I have powered off the router/WAP, removed then reinserted the wireless card, but it still won't recognize the WAP.  I have a newer HP laptop with integrated wireless that connects fine.  What am I missing?


    Issue 2:

    Very similar, but different location (friend's house across town).  Dell desktop, WinXP Home, Linksys Wireless G PCI card.  The PCI card no longer recognized the router/WAP that is also approximately 25 feet away.  I have removed the adapter in Device Manager and rebooted.  System found and installed the adapter, it just doesn't recognize the WAP.  Laptop with integrated wireless "sees" and connects fine.  I have also restarted the WAP several times.  The "Wireless" light is luminated and everything seems to be "working" fine.


    Thanks for any help or advise.



    Friday, April 25, 2008 2:22 PM