CRM 4.0 Duplicate Detection detects deleted duplicated contacts RRS feed

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    I'm running a simple duplicate detection rule for contacs with the same e-mail address. I'm getting phantom duplicates: I get a duplicate (top list) but no potential duplicate record (bottom list). Instead of the bottom list I get this warning "Potential duplicate records: None".


    After some investigation I realized that there was a previously deleted record (2 days ago) with the same e-mail. The deleted record exists only in the MS CRM DB and its DeletionStateCode equals 2! However my duplicate detection rule still sees him. I believe it shouldn't see it! MSCRMAsyncService which as I read is supposed to handle the deletion of records ir running but doesn't delete anything... Very very strange!


    Has anyone ever had the same problem? If so how did you solve it?


    Thank you, regards,

    Sergio Coelho

    Thursday, April 10, 2008 12:04 PM


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