Bluetooth code for multiple connection RRS feed

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  • Bluetooth network can connect more two devices
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  • Please read wiki artlicle at wesite below.


    I can explain anything you don't understand.  The artticle says that depending on the bluetooth driver you are using (I copied the specific section below) the code may be different.

    At any given time, data can be transferred between the master and one other device 
    (except for the little-used broadcast mode[citation needed]). The master chooses 
    which slave device to address; typically, it switches rapidly from one device to 
    another in a round-robin fashion. Since it is the master that chooses which slave 
    to address, whereas a slave is (in theory) supposed to listen in each receive slot, 
    being a master is a lighter burden than being a slave. Being a master of seven 
    slaves is possible; being a slave of more than one master is difficult.
    [citation needed] The specification is vague as to required behaviour in scatternets.


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