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  • I'm going to install WHS on a Dell PowerEdge 1425 Server.   TWO 1.5TB SATA Drives running as a RAID 0.

    I downloaded the TRIAL "30-day" version of the WHS software.   Before I go and spend a ton of time setting things up, moving data to the server and such....   What happens after the 30 day trial is up?   I assume I can purchase a software key/serial to make it legal.

    I've read some horror stories about some people having to reinstall the OS and they loose their data.   Others loosing their 2nd or 3rd drives which cannot reconnect without being formatted as well.    Since I'm using two drives as a RAID 0 the system should see it as one drive, right?

    I don't want to loose all my data or have any risk of that happening because I went from "trial" to "licensed".   Can someone please give me a real answer so I know what to do.

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 12:07 AM


  • First, skip the RAID. RAID 0 is striping, and a RAID 0 array has a shorter MTBF than the MTBF of the least reliable drive in the array. In general, you should never put any data you care about on a RAID 0 array. In addition to that, Windows Home Server doesn't "support" RAID, in the sense that Microsoft doesn't design the product for RAID, doesn't test on it, and generally doesn't worry about issues that only affect RAID users. (It will normally work fine, though...)

    That said, your trial or evaluation software has a 120 day expiration, not 30 days. Server reinstallation is not particularly difficult, however there are many potential hardware issues that you could encounter. My recommendation to anyone building their own server is to practice the server reinstallation process with several drives connected, so that you'll learn what the pitfalls are before it matters. If you find the process frustrating in a lab environment (and many do) you might want to consider purchasing an OEM unit from a manufacturer such as HP or Acer.

    Upgrading from a trial version to the fully licensed version requires a server reinstallation. The time bomb in the trial software can't be defeated, and isn't tied to the product key.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 3:08 AM