Feature Request: Counter Alarms and other Alarm Improvements RRS feed

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    I'd like to see additions and improvements to the Alarms functionality in the next version of Windows Mobile.


    Counter Alarms


    I find often times I need to set a a counter type alarm to remind myself to do something, example call someone back or attend an unscheduled meeting in 15 minutes, take the laundry out of the washer in 32 minutes ect. Would be nice if you could just set an alarm by a counter instead of setting a day and time and easily see how much time is remaining when you look at your device. Would be even nicer if there was an option to save the counter alarm by profile name for a regularly used counter alarm for easy quick access to turning them on.


    Some example of Counter Alarms that people can create that would be used regularly so they could just easily select them; Meeting Over(30 minutes), Pick Up Kids From Practice( 60 minutes), Laundry(32 Minutes), Whatever Dish in Oven(20 Minutes) ect.




    - Configurable Profile Names for Date/Time Alarms to easily turn them on or off.

    - Consistant alarms, I find they don't always go off as they should.

    - Louder alarms, not really a fault of Windows Mobile but would be nice if Microsoft released a set of recommended specs to manufactures on volume levels ect.

    - Option to play alarm through bluetooth headset if it's on, device speaker or both.

    - Option to display countown timer to next alarm on Today Screen

    - Intergrate Alarms in Voice Command (when you get it working with bluetooth headsets, please get it working) so that you can hear the alarm announced by profile name.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008 2:18 PM