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  • I have been fighting to get my netshop indexed with various search engines, no problems with any of those - with one BIG exception: MSN.


    Trying to understand the technical aspects of MSN is a major subject.


    I run a netstore, www.econordica.se, and when I try to search for any of my products MSN is totally silent, it cannot find anything - but if I fill in the domain name www.econordica.se I get several hits even from other sites I run, which have links to www.econordica.se.

    My site is a standard zencart solution in .php.


    If that is the way it works, I wonder what use people have of MSN?


    The help pages are really hard to understand and only send you like a monkey around and around and you end up as dum as you began. Then there is a link to: Contact - leading nowhere, but to more Merry-Go-Rounds.


    I really feel frustrated about MSN search engine - it is terrible.


    If there is a another monkey like my out there who can help me understand MSN, please come to my rescue before I commit suicide!!



    The Monkey

    Monday, November 3, 2008 12:09 PM


  • Hi,


    Sorry you are frustrated. Have you looked in webmaster tools to verify that your site is not blocked or that there are no crawling errors?  You might also want to submit a sitemap.


    I highly recomend reading our ranking blog post which might help you with some of your issues.





    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 4:25 PM