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    I have emachine desktop with windows Xp home installed.

    I tried to reinstall Xp from the RESTORE CD after backing up my data on the Flash Media.

    I had Nortion Antivirus installed on my computer.

    Usually Reinstallation process it Reload Xp ,but this time reinstallation was through SYMANTEC GHOST (norton) browser ( I donot know how that happen) ( I follwed prompt BOOT FROM CD and RESTORE CD was in the D drive).

    It asked me all Xp Reinstallation media - I follwed the command.

    On finish it gave message" WINDOWS XP REINSTALLATION SUCCESFUL" place any key to Boot System.

    On reboot it could not Load WINDOWS.

    The system was turning off trying to reload Xp- with message at Boot Prompt - start windows normally, over and again without loading Xp.

    I also tried to fix this by using all other options at command prompt as -Start in Safe Mode, Command Prompt, ---etc.- all has same effect.

    I also tried to re install with the restore CD - again through SYMANTEC GHOST -successful installation- but problem persist.

    I tried option -last succesful configugeration option-  it indicated me - Corrupt/missing  Windows System Config .

    Repair it by pressing 'r' on startup screen.

    I tried that but same result.

    If some one can suggest me any fix for this issue? 

    Thursday, March 13, 2008 12:55 AM