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  • These days almost all company's specially the big ones like WIPRO, TCS, INFOSYS, IBM etc etc follow the practice of allowing students to sit for technical tests ONLY if they have scored 60-65% or above in there academics throughout from class Xth onwards.


    In other words what this says to me is "Our main criteria is STUDIOUS candidates. But studious doesn't necessarily mean more intelligent, more IQ, better logical thinkers, better aptitude and skills, more creative, more hard working, a well rounded personality etc etc.


    Its a popular saying that when you are developing software we should never assume anything otherwise errors, so then why are we making this wild recruitment assumption that higher percentage means better. I am against this selection process for the following reasons:


    One should have a much simpler criteria like A). He/she should be from certain streams of education (like engineering. Comp Science etc) and B). He/she should have Passed the exams.


    If students match the simple criteria then they should be allowed to sit for an aptitude test and then base your selection on the basis of there scores in that test. LET THE BEST MAN/WOMAN WIN.


    Why go back as far as 10th or 12 th onwards. A student is only 15 and 17 yrs old respectively when they take there board exams. Not everyone gets proper guidance at that age, not everone realises or has a clear vision about what they want to do in life. For some the sunshine may just reach them a little late than some of the lucky ones. 


    So some of you may ask 'THEN WHAT is the the incentive or motivation for someone to do better in studies than others'. Then i will say there are two levels here:


    a. The cream of cream like IIM's, IIT's etc etc. They will get snapped up by company's no matter what because of the institutes they are coming from. Even if they were nobody's before they went into these colleges they will be somebody's by the time they come out.


    b. But between remaining left the competition should be thorwn open. This is the group which is mix bag of talent and let the best win.


    I feel this will also result in better distribution of talent i.e in different sectors or industry's and not allow concentration of most engineers in IT only.


    Abhi Bhutani

    Friday, August 29, 2008 11:15 AM